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With over 1 billion users —and 105 million in North America alone, TikTok is a vital tool for brand visibility and exposure. It’s not just the quick entertainment and catchy audio-overlays that draws the crowds – the platform’s community centric mindset invites every kind of person, brand, and online connection. 

Brands worldwide have recognized the power of the platform to create meaningful connections and drive more sales to their business. Many brands can have success on TikTok. The key is paying attention to what strategy is best for your community. 

Easier said than done, which is why we covered A to Z of a community-centered TikTok strategy in our guide. 

The full evolution of TikTok (and why it matters for you now) 

Brands doing it right on TikTok, and why it’s working

Common TikTok challenges (and why they’re different from any other social platforms)

3 ways to leverage your community management strategy on TikTok

Immediate next steps your team can take

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Why Strategy, Social Listening and Community Management Are Your Biggest Allies 

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Look no further. 

Our guide expands on the core pillars brands need to have covered in order to get anywhere – responsive strategy, social listening technology, and data-backed customer care. Whether you’ve established your presence on TikTok, or are running your first campaign, this whitepaper will help you scale your community for long-term engagement and loyalty. 

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