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As we move into 2024, emerging trends are shaping up to be both familiar and new. Marketers are fatigued by constantly changing platforms and will continue to be. AI presents ways to make our jobs easier, but ethically more strained — and AI isn’t going away in 2024. Plus, the biggest election year in history leaves online communities more vulnerable than ever to polarizing, algorithm-led disagreements. These rising technologies and tensions leave one thing for certain: online community management is imperative for brand success in the year to come.  

We’re a global social media community management agency, with over two decades of industry expertise.  

We’re a global social media community management agency, with over two decades of industry expertise.  

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In 2024, Social Media Isn’t Slowing Down

Learn how to protect your channels, engage your audience, and grow your impact. Access the guide for insight into top expert trends like:

Social Media as a Search Engine

The likes of TikTok, Instagram, and other video platforms will continue their evolution into search engines. That’s because more and more users are turning to social media to look for content, including places to eat, shop, and explore.


Paid Subscriptions: 
A Niche Audience Route

Expect to see more brands experiment with paid accounts over traditional advertising as a way to reach their audience.


Polarizing Algorithms: Brands Seek New Ways to Navigate

In the biggest election year in history around the globe, brands are looking to new social listening tools and tighter strategies to protect and neutralize their social accounts.


and more...

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Download the Guide