Social Media is the New Search Engine

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been long associated with the likes of Google. Now, search queries are expanding to social media services and e-commerce platforms. Marketers can stay ahead of this evolving user behavior and projected demand by learning to optimize SEO for social media. 

The Social Media as a Search Engine mini ebook goes over:

  • How (and why) online search is expanding to 
    other platforms

  • The core SEO difference between traditional search engines and social media 

  • 6 ways Social Media Accessibility practices can be part of your SEO strategy 

  • Platform-specific SEO recommendations, including TikTok

  • Top brand examples who are more searchable because of it 

User demand for searchable social media content is only increasing from here.

Learn how to leverage it today.

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Ways Social Media is Turning Up the Volume in SEO

We’re in a Social Media Accessibility movement 

Social Media Accessibility—the practice of recognising exclusion, learning from your followers, and presenting information in the clearest ways possible for anyone with user impairment—has informed the way platforms are shaping their features and offerings. Tap into Accessibility tools to expand upon your DEI strategy, and receive higher engagement at the same time.

TikTok is leading the path for discoverability

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform and there are many reasons why. One of the main ones? Discoverability. Tech-savvy users visit the app daily because they a) can find what they’re looking for, and b) will invariably discover something unique that caught their attention. Platforms have mimicked TikTok’s layout in order to become a searchable dynamite, and brands better catch up to the features they provide.

The tried and true methods just get better  

Don’t be mistaken: hashtags, keywords, and optimized bios and captions haven’t gone away. Though platforms are shifting into new forms of creatorship and highly integrated user interfaces, we still need to remember our SEO basics, because the platforms continue to reward brands who do so.