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ICUC enables global pharma brands to amplify their social media strategy and drive outcomes by providing social intelligence. Download this ebook and learn more. 

The Rise of 
Big Pharma 
on Social Media

Where is regulated marketing headed? 
Access a yearly roundup of how the top pharmaceutical brands use social media.

Pharmaceutical brands – traditionally restricted by compliance obstacles and industry regulations – have increasingly turned social media marketing as a formidable tool to win new customers, and expand their brand and business. How? In the past 10+ years, big pharma brands are understanding how to navigate regulated hurdles in order to relay their message, product and vision online 

This ebook looks at the 2021 calendar year, and how the top pharma brands put the most coherent and effective strategies on track. It sheds light on success stories, the digital marketing mix that boosts engagement, and actionable tips that can also bolster your presence on social media.

Key takeaways from the ebook

  • How big pharma companies are responsibly engaging with their customers through social channels

  • Evolution of pharma marketing (a decline in traditional marketing)

  • Key ingredients of a successful social media strategy from top brands

  • Benefits of Social Listening and the suitable marketing tactic

  • Next steps to help your brand scale globally 

Top pharma brands utilize social listening to enrich customer knowledge and produce relevant social media strategies.

As the tides shift in pharma marketing, social listening is now a critical factor in creating a meaningful dialogue with patients and healthcare professionals. These tools empower brands to lead and participate in conversations ahead of the competition.

A key differentiator, social listening, has the potential to propel social media strategy and nurture long-term relationships with the stakeholders.

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