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How to harness the power of community for your business

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Social Media Management- 
Outsourcing vs In-house services

7 Things your social media partner should do

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The rapidly changing social media landscape has created a massive opportunity for brands to connect with their communities and gain loyal customers. Deploying a community management strategy within new channels is more relevant than ever but can also be overwhelming.

Without a strategy or necessary resources, brands can fall short of customer expectations. Oftentimes, comments go to waste, quality user generated content (UGC) goes unused, and a brand can miss out on opportunities for growth and innovation. 

So how can your brand leverage the power of community while also building the appropriate structure and strategy?

We’ve got you covered with important considerations for doing community management internally or with a partner, how to build a solid strategy, and inspiration from brands doing it well in our e-book.

How to add Community Management to your branding strategy

Next Steps for your Digital Success

Social media is vast, relentless, and nuanced. Resources are finite – your internal teams are often too strapped with growth goals and can’t handle a 24/7 customer queue on social media. Customer engagement, feedback and reviews need immediate attention. 

Outsourcing is a great first step. Download this guide to understand how to manage better your social media channels through strategic community management, with insights to put into practice for better digital performance.

Maintaining a successful social media management strategy comes with its fair share of tasks.

A hands-on practical guide to finding the best route for your social media strategy & community management. 

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