Uplevel Your Social Media in 2024

Ensure your strategy is powered by the right tools. AI-backed Social Listening Tools will show your brand exactly how you're talked about online.

“The vast knowledge base of our ICUC team has been a huge boon to our online persona. Because Wondrium covers so many topics, we needed help knowing how to talk about them online. Now, we've got a strategy to do so."

- Julie Stoltz, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Wondrium 

Get Your Strategy HereBook a 2024 Social Media Playbook Here
  • Brand Ethos and Archetype Best Practice
  • Content Pillar Recommendations
  • Campaign Positioning
  • Community Management Guidelines
  • Parameters for User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Influencer Identification Support
  • Workflow and Governance Guidelines for Social Media
  • Social Accessibility Insight
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Identification

… and more

The Data

The Playbook

  • Competitive analysis
  • Industry canvas
  • Audience research
  • Content comparisons and themes
  • Sentiment and emotional response reviews
  • Share of Voice insight
  • Growth trends

How to Get Started

At ICUC, audits and social media playbooks are all customized based on your unique needs and curiosities. That said, here are some pricing samples:


Brand audit 
+ Social Strategy playbook 
across standard social channels


Audit (3 competitors) 
+ Social Strategy Playbook
one brand or product across 
standard social channels


Audit (3 competitors) 
+ Social Strategy playbook for multiple brands/products across non-mainstream  social channels

Prices vary

Feel confident walking into 2024 with a strong social media playbook.

Our Playbook Process:


Meet with Our Team

Connect with our highly skilled, experienced social media analysts and strategists to build out your custom roadmap for your audit and social media playbook.



Leverage powerful social listening tools, gain access to your channels, and build custom queries, pulling both earned and owned data to gain a better understanding of your brand’s social history within the past calendar year. 



Understand the who, what, when, why, and where across all brands, products, and platforms.



Reconvene with your team where they will share the findings of the social listening audit and present the strategy playbook.



After digesting the findings, the team comes together one last time to take the learnings and discoveries from the audit and the social media playbook, and help support your team in planning for execution.

After 20+ years of service to the globe's biggest brands, ICUC is now offering a comprehensive Social Media Playbook, giving brands a chance to get out of the content rat race, and into the profit-driving strategy of real community building. 

What's Inside